Kenyans and leaders have been urged to embrace National Values that will ultimately help build the Country economically.

The Telecom Chief Executive officer, Mugo Kibati, while addressing Kajiado County leaders and public during the third annual County prayer breakfast, conducted virtually due to Corona pandemic, said that without right national values Kenya can’t grow or develop economically.

In the event graced by Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku, Deputy Governor Martin Mosisho, The Speaker Johnson Osoi and Members of County Assembly, former Vision 2030 chief said that leaders and Kenyans must strive to choose integrity for the sake of the Country. He said it’s a time leaders choose to fear God.

“Without values you can’t have a foundation plan to build a nation, a nation is not merely  built on roads, airports and railways but should be built on national systems, pillars and values,” said Mugo Kibati.

 On Covid -19 pandemic the Telecom chief said that it’s a major lesson to all globally no matter the sophistication the pandemic has ravaged strongest to weakest and therefore a lesson to all that leadership should protect the weak.

Kajiado County Governor said that his government is determined to see better health facilities, infrastructures among other programs that are pegged to benefit all the Kajiado people.

“We commit all our plans and projects to God and believe that all will be well if the county takes refuge in God since he is in control,” said Kajiado governor.

The governor called on the leadership of Kajiado County to embrace unity in order to bring all the people of Kajiado together.

“I know we might not agree on a number issues but our place of safety is in the lord. On the face of this pandemic we need to remain united, I particularly want to invite the leadership to the spirit of unity,” said Kajiado County Governor.

Kajiado Assembly Speaker, Johnson Osoi lauded the leadership for choosing faith and Christian principles in the governance.

“Being the second County prayer breakfast conducted virtually it is interesting to see the resolve that we are conducting this together. As a government we have endeavored to bring values of church and principles of faith in our governance a resolve aimed at encouraging leaders to grow spiritually,” said Osoi.

Kajiado County Prayer breakfast is an annual event aimed at encouraging leaders to value integrity. It is borrowed from the United States of America when leaders come together to pray and worship together.