1. Make laws that will ensure county government carry out its functions effectively. The roles of the county government are spelt out in the fourth schedule of the Constitution and they include;
  2. Provisions of transport at county levels;
  3. Trade development and regulation within county;
  4. County planning and development;
  5. County health services; and
  6. Provision of agricultural services within the county.

The roles of the Assembly also include:

  1. Exercise of oversight on the County Executive Committee;
  2. Approving plans and policies of the County Executive Committee; and
  3. Approving persons to be appointed as members of the County Executive Committee.

The County Assemblies are required to conduct their business in public and enhance public participation while carrying out their functions.

The people have an avenue to participate in process of making laws at county governments and should utilise the opportunity to determine how the laws that govern them at county levels should be.

The media and the members of the public may be present while members of the County Assemblies are sitting. The people can therefore be up-to -date on the proceedings in the county assemblies through the media and keep the members of the Assemblies accountable.