Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

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  1. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
  2. Finance and Economic Planning
  3. Trade Co-operative, Tourism Industrialization and Enterprise Development
  4. Lands, Physical Planning, Natural Resources Housing, Environment and Partnerships
  5. Road, Public Works and Energy
  6. Information, Communication Technology, Gender and Social Services
  7. Health Services
  8. Public Service Administration and Citizen Participation
  9. Education, Youth, Sports and Culture
  10. Water, Irrigation and Sanitation
  1. County Assembly Business Committee
  2. County Budget and Appropriation Committee
  3. Committee on Appointment
  4. County Assembly Rules and Procedures Committee
  5. County Public Investment and Accounts Committee
  6. Committee on Powers and Privileges
  7. Liaison Committee
  8. Committee on Implementation
  9. Committee on Delegated County Legislation
  10. Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
  11. Committee on Disability Mainstreaming