The County Assembly of Kajiado on Thursday Afternoon voted to approve the motions to remove the CECM for Education, Vocational Training Mr. Jeremiah Ole Ncharo and CECM Public Service Mr. Alais Kisota following the adoption of two motions that outlined issues on Gross misconduct, Maladministration, Abuse of Office and incompetence moved by Mosiro MCA Hon. Jonathan Koroine & Ngong MCA Hon. Joshua Mbiriri respectively.
The process has just began and the Speaker, Hon. Justus Ngossor has directed that the special committee to look into allegations shall be formed on Tuesday.

The Committee is expected to afford the two County Executive Committee Members an opportunity to be heard, defend themselves and thereafter determine whether the allegations are substantiated or unsubstantiated.

In their submissions to the House, the Leader of Majority Party & Dalalekutuk MCA Hon. John Loisa noted that the CEC for Education had seriously violated Article 232 of the constitution of Kenya stating that, “The CEC Member for Education Mr. Jeremiah Ole Ncharo has failed in adhering to the tenets of prescribed values and principles of a state officer by failing to account for ksh 75 million that had been set for bursaries with the Department only disbursing Ksh 37 Million in all the 25 wards as only Ksh 1.5 Million were being awarded to each ward,” Hon. Loisa noted.

The Leader of Majority Party challenged the department on the modalities that they used in seeking Overdraft facilities without the approval of the County Assembly.

However Kitengela MCA Hon. Paul Matuya rebutted by submitting that the Mandate of seeking overdraft facilities is a purely pegged on the Department of Finance & Economics.

“As for the longest time that I have served as a Hon. Member and a member for the budget commitee the Mandate to seek overdraft facility is bestowed on the Finance Department under the Chief Officer therefore the County Assembly does not have the Mandate over the seeking of overdrafts,” said Hon. Matuiya.

“Mr. Speaker, I beg to oppose this motion that the reasons that have been provided by the mover of the motion cannot amount to removal of a CEC from Office as there was no report that was brought into this House from the Education committee that recommended for his removal, this is therefore a witch-hunt to hound out a State officer as a result of flimsy reasons,” Hon. Moloma submitted.

Entonet/Lenkisim Ward MCA Hon. Paul Metui affirmed that the Department of Education has become a pilferage and a conduit of corruption and unfairness at the behest of the future of the pupils.

“The corruption muscle in the department of Education is a battle that as elected leaders we need to battle and address as it has and it continues to hamper future of many children across the County due to improper and the high-handedness of the CEC Member Mr. Ole Ncharo to ignore the concerns of elected leaders of the specified wards and it is our mandate to oversight to ensure that there is fairness in management and disbursement of bursary across the County.” Hon Metui Said.

In his contribution Ewuaso – Inkidong MCA Hon. Toris added that the allegation of issuance of bursaries to children outside the designated wards as false and hearsay stating “Mr. Speaker the CEC Member for Eductaion has been accused for inserting names of beneficiaries outside our wards yet Mr. Speaker our wards are so diverse and cosmopolitan therefore it is upon the members who allege that the names are not from specific wards to table the names and the House to authenticate their validity.” Hon. Toris Said.

On the Motion seeking to remove the CEC Member for Public Service Mr. Alais Kisota, the Majority Party insisted that the CEC had failed in his conduct of duty as well as going to the contrary of the oath that he was sworn to adhere to.

“It is good that as a house we are in an agreement that on the issue of suspended Payroll Manager Mr. Andrew Mwange and the Unprocedural stoppage of salaries for Mr. Christopher Koisikir, Mr. Parsakei Jonah Orumoi and Mr. Olubi J Shukari without providing any reasons is an illegality and it is for this course that we were elected to do in this Chambers, to represent and oversight not only those who are at home but also those who work for the County Governments. And that they are protected from harrasment inspite of their political affiliations, therefore the action of the CEC Mr. Kisota to stop their salaries and sending Mr. Mwange to a forced leave without following the due process is a serious negligence from a State officer. It is upon us to ensure that we have competent officers in relevant departments to avert such challenges,” Hon. Joseph Mutunkei submitted.

Special Elect MCA Hon. Phoebe Makungu said that the removal of CEC Member for Public Service is purely political witch-hunt.

“It is unfortunate that this House has chose to focus on the issues that shall continue to put a wedge between the Executive and the Assembly yet we have other teething problems that the society requires our actions. It is important that we schedule debates for development rather than impeachments,” Hon. Makungu submitted.

Special Elect Hon. Ann Ntatai cited poor leadership orchestrated by the CEC Member for Public Service while executing his mandate.

“It is unfortunate that while Mr. Alais Kisota is at the helm of Public Service he oversaw the balooning of the wage bill by failing to establish Human Resource best practises as flagged by the Auditor – General report that has placed the County Government of kajiado wage bill standing at approximately 43%.”

Deputy Minority Whip Oloolua MCA Hon. Eli Gor opposed the motion saying that the claims of nepotism by Mr. Alais Kisota facilitating the employment of his brother as witch-hunt and in bad faith.

“It is astonishing that the CEC Member for Public Service is being dragged into this just because his brother is an employee of the County Government, Mr. Speaker we have seen spouses being employed, we have seen our brothers & sisters and furthermore our children being employed because they are Kenyans, Kajiado County residents and are qualified to be in those positions and to make it worse the CEC is not the accounting officer of the department her chief officer should have been embedded in this matter but Mr. Speaker it is only Mr. Kisota who has been singled out,” said Hon. Gor.

Kitengela MCA Hon. Paul Matuya defended the CEC Member for Public Service Mr. Alais Kisota that the Assembly Public Service Committee did not recommend his removal on the matter against the County Payroll Manager Mr. Andrew Mwange.

“Mr. Speaker it is only about a week that we deliberated on the report of Public Service Committee. We all agreed with their findings that Mr. Mwange be reinstated this is because we appreciate committees assignments however with this case then it is not good to stay away from the recomendations provided and therefore we should always sit here and await for impeachment motions to come.” Kitengela MCA noted.

Additionally, Hon. Matuya emphasized that the stoppage of salaries was an administrative action as the aforementioned person absconded their duties and were engaging in politics.

“Mr. Speaker people are paid when they are working, so for someone to desert their duty without communicating or resigning then the Department has the Mandate to stop his or their salaries,” he added.

Special Elect Hon. Naisiae Karia supported the motion and called on the House to work as a unit in executing their constitutional mandate.

” It is unfortunate that some of my colleagues are reading malice and witch hunt in this processes yet we are practising our mandate on behalf of the people of Kajiado therefore I am appealing we approach this matter with an open mind for the better of Kajiado,” she said.

The two motions were affirmed by 23 votes against 16 opposing and 1 abstaining.