You are currently viewing WHY A SECTION OF MCAs STAGED A WALKOUT


Kajiado County Assembly Offially opened its doors for the Second Session of the Third Assembly in presence of the Governor, H.E Joseph Ole Lenku and the County Senator Hon. Kanar Seki.

The Speaker, Hon. Justus Ngossor gave his Communications urging all Honourable Members to take their mandate seriously in order to discharge their duties for good of the people of Kajiado County.

At the time the governor stood to give his speech more than 50 percent of the Honourable Members, aligned to UDA and Jubilee staged a walk out.

The Ward Reps then addressed the Media blaming the Executive on array of issues.

The team led by the Leader of Majority Party Hon. John Loisa and Chief Whip Stephen Ngatho listed their demands.

The team said that the Executive must handle its affairs within the law.
“When the governor gave his last speech while opening the first Assembly he listed nine points that are just on papers,” said Hon.John Loisa. One, he said, “equal distribution of resources to all.”

The leader of Majority Party said that in distribution of bursaries it is clear that the governor is of no good and that a section of ward reps were not given opportunity handle bursaries issuance denying needy children opportunity to benefit.

The team reminded the governor that all elected leaders took oath of office to serve all with all fairness.

The opposition brigade also took an issue with the swollen wage bill yet the executive was still employing new workers through back door.

Additionally, the Hon. members blamed the governor for giving empty promise on pending bills.

They said that contractors were already avoiding taking development works at Kajiado due to nonpayments that the County boss had agreed to address in his last speech to the House.

They said that paying contractors for their works is always a boon to the County economy and a solution to fighting poverty through job creations.

The team said that the governor should not be reading important documents before the house but fail to implement.

They said he must be realistic and deliver to the people of Kajiado.